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Definition of てん

  1. (n) ceremony; celebration; law code
てん(ten) · あめ(ame) · あま(ama)

天 Kanji Details

  1. (n) sky

    He looked up at the sky.

  2. heaven
  3. (Buddh) svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth)
  4. (Buddh) deva (divine being of Buddhism)
  1. (n, n-suf) spot; mark
  2. point; dot
  3. mark (e.g. in exam); score; points
  4. (ctr) counter for goods, items, articles of clothing, works of art, etc.
つくだ(tsukuda) · てん(ten)

佃 Kanji Details

  1. (n) cultivated rice field
  1. (n-suf) -store; -shop →Related words: 土産店

    That store gives good service.

  1. (n) Japanese marten (Martes melampus)
  2. marten (any arboreal weasel-like mammal of genus Martes)
  1. (suf) exhibition; exhibit →Related words: 展示

    His picture was accepted for the Nika Exhibition.

  1. (adj-t, adv-to) nonchalant →Related words: 恬として
  1. (n) altering pronunciation or meaning; word with altered pronunciation or meaning
  2. turning or twisting part of a text (in Chinese poetry) →Related words: 転句

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