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Definition of はい

  1. (int) yes
  2. OK (used to get attention prior to an utterance); okay
  3. giddy-up; giddap
  1. (n) ash; ashes

    Everything was burnt to ashes.

  1. (n) lung

    Smoking has affected his lungs.

  1. (n) ancient oriental belt decoration
  2. (suf, ctr) counter for swords
はや(haya) · はえ(hae) · はい(hai) ·

鮠鰷 Kanji Details

  1. (n) minnow; shinner
  1. (n) bowing one's head (in respect or worship); worship
  2. (n-suf) respectfully yours
  1. (n) loss; defeat
  2. (suf, ctr) counter for losses
はい(hai) · はた(hata) ·

杯盃 Kanji Details

  1. (n) sake cup; cup for alcoholic beverages
  2. (suf, ctr) counter for cupfuls
  3. counter for ships, octopuses and squid
  1. (n) embryo (zoological or botanical); germ (e.g. wheat germ)
  1. (n) group; gang; bunch
  1. (n) lotus root →Related words: 蓮根

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