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Definition of lover

  1. (n) lover
  1. (n) lover
  2. rubber
  1. (n) love; lover
  1. (n-suf, n) amateur; fancier; lover; worshipper; enthusiast; fan

    It's a special holiday for people who like detective stories.

  1. (n) lover; mistress

    Between ourselves, he keeps a mistress.

  1. (n) lover (male) →Related words: 情婦
  1. (n) mistress; lover; prostitute →Related words: 情夫
  1. (n) colour; color
  2. complexion

    Who does not love wine, women and song; remains a fool his whole life long.

  3. appearance; look
  4. love; lust; sensuality; love affair; lover →Related words: 色仕掛け
  5. kind; type; variety
  1. (n) lover; lady-killer; sexy guy
  1. (n, adj-no) conditions; strings attached; restriction; restrictions; controls
  2. (n) something that has a cord or string attached (e.g. clothes)
  3. criminal; someone bound by ropes →Related words: 縄付き
  4. having a lover (for a woman); lover
  1. (n) lover; sweetheart

    I call my sweetheart darling.

  1. (n) lover; sweetheart; mistress
  1. (n) a married woman's paramour; lover
  1. (exp) good-natured person
  2. (n) lover
  1. (n) lover; boyfriend; girlfriend; soul mate
  1. (n) lover (of a married woman)

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