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kin wo 払う harau

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Definition of 金を払う

おうごん(ougon) · こがね(kogane) · きがね(kigane) · くがね(kugane) 黄金 ·

黄金 Kanji Details

  1. (n, adj-no) gold

    The girl in the picture is wearing a crown not of gold but of flowers.


金 Kanji Details

  1. (n) money →Related words: お金

    All that glitters is not gold.

  2. metal
  1. (n, n-suf) gold; golden (color); metaphor for (most) valuable; gold (medal, cup)
  2. money (written before an amount)
  3. Friday →Related words: 金曜
  4. metal (fourth of the five elements) →Related words: 五行
  5. Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE)
  6. gold general (shogi) →Related words: 金将
  7. testicles →Related words: 金玉
  8. (suf, ctr) karat; carat
  1. (v5u, vt) to pay (e.g. money, a bill, one's taxes, etc.)

    I'm not sure I can afford it.

  2. to brush; to wipe; to clear away; to dust off; to prune away branches

    Jack brushed the dust off his coat.

  3. to drive away (e.g. one's competitors); to sweep out
  1. (prt) indicates direct object of action
  2. indicates subject of causative expression
  3. indicates an area traversed
  4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
  5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
  6. indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc. →Related words:

Sentences containing 金を払う

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