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Definition of たて

やかた(yakata) · たち(tachi) · たて(tate) ·屋形

館屋形 Kanji Details

  1. (n) mansion; small castle
  2. nobleman; noblewoman
  3. boat cabin
  1. (n) sword battle (staged for television, etc.); sword fight
  1. (n) the vertical; height
  2. front-to-back; length
  3. north-to-south
  4. (n, adj-no) vertical (relationship); hierarchy
  5. (n) (weaving) warp →Related words: 経糸
  1. (n) shield; buckler; escutcheon; pretext

    Look on both sides of the shield.

  1. (pref) central; main; head; chief

    He was then fresh from college.

  2. (suf) just (done); freshly (baked); indicates activity only just occurred
  3. (ctr) counter for consecutive losses
  1. (n, n-suf, n-pref) contract; commitment

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