Meaning of せいちょう in Japanese

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Definition of せいちょう

  1. (n, vs) growth; grow to adulthood

    Jane grew up to be a fine lady.

  1. (n) legitimate dynasty
  1. (n) traditional tune
  1. (adj-na, n) clear; serene
  1. (n, vs) growth; increment

    Plant growth and productivity react sharply to a complex combination of temperature and moisture.

  1. (n, vs) listening quietly
  1. (n, vs) (polite reference to another's) attention; kind attention; courteous attention
  1. (n) sexual characteristics (biol.)
  1. (n) tone (of voice); style; tone (in Chinese phonetics)
  1. (n) government office
  1. (n) adult bird
  1. (n) medicine for internal disorders
  1. (n, vs) tuning (e.g. instruments)
  2. stroke oar; head oarsman
  1. (n) party policy research →Related words: 政策調査
  1. (n) official reception hall

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