Meaning of しょうする in Japanese

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Definition of しょうする

  1. (vs-s, vt) to take the name of; to call oneself

    He called himself an Edison of Japan.

  2. to pretend; to feign; to purport
  1. (vs-s) to recite; to chant; to read aloud
  1. (vs-s, vt) to prove; to verify
  2. to guarantee; to promise
  1. (vs-s, vi) to disappear
  2. (vs-s, vt) to cause to disappear; to get rid of
  3. (of time) to pass; to while away
  1. (vs-s) to celebrate someone's achievements
  1. (vs-s, vt) to praise; to extol; to laud
  2. to appreciate; to admire

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