Meaning of こうじょう in Japanese

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こうじ kōji ょう

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Definition of こうじょう

  1. (n) intimacy; friendship
  1. (n) concession; compromise
  1. (n) kindness; favour; favor; hospitality
  1. (n) vocal message; speech; statement
  2. prologue at the start of a kabuki performance
  1. (n, vs) elevation; rise; improvement; advancement; progress
  1. (n) constancy
  1. (n, vs) siege
  1. (n) ruined castle
  1. (n) factory; plant; mill; workshop

    The factory manufactures toys.

  1. (n) (on the) bank of a large river
  1. (n, adj-no) colloid
  1. (n) code of morals; moral principles
  1. (n) striation; ray system

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