Meaning of きょうこう in Japanese

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Definition of きょうこう

  1. (n) poor crops; famine
  1. (adj-na, n) firm; vigorous; unbending; unyielding; strong; stubborn
  1. (n, vs) forcing; enforcement
  2. (adj-na) forced; enforced
  1. (n, vs) panic; scare; consternation

    During the Depression in the 1930's, many wealthy people lost everything in the stock market crash.

  1. (n) Pope
  1. (n) thorax; thoracic cavity
  1. (n-adv, n-t) hereafter
  1. (n) violence; murder; crime
  1. (n) height of a mirror stand
  1. (n-adv) traveling by sleigh
  1. (n) mirror case
  1. (n) sternum; breastplate; plastron

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