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Definition of うむ

  1. (v5m, vi) to fester; to form pus
うむ(umu) · ゆうむ(yuumu) 有無

有無 Kanji Details

  1. (n) existence or nonexistence; presence or absence →Related words: 有り無し
  2. consent or refusal; yes or no
  3. (comp) flag indicator; presence or absence marker
  1. (v5m, vi) to get tired of (doing); to lose interest in
  1. (v5m, vt) to give birth; to deliver; to produce
  1. (int) yea; uh huh →Related words: うん
  1. (v5m, vi) to ripen
  1. (v5m, vt) to spin (e.g. ramie, hemp, etc.)

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