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Definition of うつ

  1. (v5t) to shoot (at)

    He shot at me.

  2. to attack; to defeat; to destroy; to avenge
  1. (v5t, vt) to hit; to strike; to knock; to beat; to punch; to slap; to tap; to bang; to clap; to pound

    It has just struck eight, hasn't it?

  2. to strike (noon, etc.); to sound (cymbals, etc.); to beat (a drum, etc.)
  3. to beat (rhythmically, e.g. pulse, waves, etc.)
  4. to move; to impress; to touch
  5. to drive in; to hammer in; to put in; to inject
  6. to type; to send; to transmit
  7. to insert; to write in; to mark
  8. to make (noodles, etc.); to prepare
  9. to till (soil)
  10. to sprinkle; to throw; to cast
  11. to do; to carry out; to play; to perform; to engage in (gambling, etc.)
  12. to pay (a deposit, etc.)
  13. to visit (on a pilgrimage)
  14. to line (a coat)
  15. to bind (a criminal)
  1. (v5t) to strike; to attack; to punish
  1. (n) depression; low spirits

    What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?

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